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Welcome to Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution! This is the campaign page, where I will be hosting information on NPCs, factions, conspiracies, plots, and general campaign errata. This is a truly elaborate campaign, comprising more than 1000 pages of information, so I felt that Roll20’s paltry UI wouldn’t be quite enough for our grand saga. Characters, maps, the adventure log (not sure how much detail we’ll put here, since we have videos) , and the campaign forum can be found in the sidebar while everything else is linked above. This is a work in progress, so apologies for any lacunae.

If you are not a player, welcome! We’re glad to have you. Feel free to browse the campaign page – this is all public – as well as contribute to our discussions. But spoilers are a capital offense that will see you offered as tribute to the Lord of Rot.

Happy gaming!

Main Page

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