A (Very) Brief History of Lanjyr


For millenia, the continent of Lanjyr was dominated by mighty fey and other magical creatures of extraordinary power. Every Risuri child knows that before King Kelland, no human nation had ever endured more than a few years in Lanjyr. The mighty nature spirits known today as the fey titans only allowed the elves to walk their domain, and they terrorized all others with beasts and storms and blight. But in 1200 B.O.V. (Before Our Victory), Kelland subdued the lord spirits of field and forest, of marsh and mountain. With their grudging blessings he established Risur.

For the 1200 years following King Kelland’s victory, various human kingdoms rose and fell, but none ever truly challenged the supremacy of Elfaivar, land of the eladrin. All this changed 500 years ago with the event that has come to be known as the Great Malice. In a great war between several human nations, led by the Clergy, and the Elfaivaran empire, the armies of humanity slew the eladrin goddess Srasama. At that moment, almost every eladrin woman in the world instantly died, sending their empire into chaos. Simultaneously, the nation of Danor became a dead-magic zone where magic functions either inconsistently or not at all.

The war and death of Srasama was a cataclysmic event of such proportions that most calendars of the nations of Lanjyr count up from that day, year 1 AOV (after our victory). And indeed, it shaped the face of the continent ever since. With its empire in ruins, Elfaivar was colonized by the human kingdoms, chiefly Crissilyir, homeland of the clergy. And the absence of magic has sparked an industrial revolution in Danor.

Danor’s industrial revolution has quickly allowed them to arm one of the most powerful armies in the world, armies which gave them an edge in each of the four Yerasol wars with their neighbors across the sea, the nation of Risur that the PCs call home. Risur and Danor are currently in the midst of a tenuous peace, and King Aodhan of Risur has been pushing his kingdom to industrialize their army, should war break out again.

A (Very) Brief History of Lanjyr

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